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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Episode 10 : The City Of Butterflies

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The Past
         Pankaj stood up and looked around. He saw the waterfall and was surprised. It gave him the creeps… he then boomed his voice up and spoke “Guys, it’s time we leave. To the plains then! We have to find our friend first. But, before that we need a place to settle. It has come to me that the scarecrow wants us to live in the plains. Once we are done with that, we shall search for him”. Saying this they all jumped to the Earth. Sanchit, Parshi, Naveen, Ranjith and Aryan all fell into the pool below. They swam to the shore and looked at the vastness of the fields. Parshi was rubbing his back, having just recovered from the wound”.
Naveen: Dude, does that still hurt?!?!
Parshi: Try stabbing yerself with a dagger and find out yerselves!!
Naveen: Hey, relax man… chill! I was just curious. Anyway who stabbed you??
Pankaj and Sanchit started to wonder the same thing.
Parshi: I only got a glance of it. It said something like “The end is near” and stabbed me.
Sanchit: It??? Not…not a man?! I mean per..son… real human. *gulp*
Parshi: I don’t know… but it was dressed like one and it was too dark to notice.
Pankaj: Ok guys… stop giving me the creeps. I already feel intimidated by this place. Let’s go! They went to the plains. They took daggers out and started taking wood, leaves, etc. to build themselves a tent. Suddenly the ground began to shake. A noise of growling was heard. Suddenly in front of their eyes a huge mob of Orcs arraived.
Orc Leader (coming forward): We are Orcs, we were summoned. We build u city, u me live in peace. We make deal. What say?
The whole group started laughing and were glad that however dumb these creatures were, they were quite understandable and were proving useful.
Orc Leader: You laugh!! U mock me??
Pankaj: No no!! We are happy with deal. We will be glad to get your help. We need all the help we need. Let us start building the city but first tell me who summoned u?
Orc Leader: I doth not know! I r new. We died. Now we alive. That I know!
Pankaj: Fine, guys I think this will do. Let us begin. And then he started drawing in the mud. Plans, ideas, suggestions kept coming. They all started to work. A huge group of butterflies started flying over as the city was being built. They were singing.
At a far distance on the other side of the world, the scarecrow had gotten out of his death trap. He stood still. His face was scar’d across completely. He looked at the shining ground below. “My face, it’s gone… so has my identity!! No one will remember me for who I really was anymore. I will remain a scarecrow forever. I will search for the new world now… and the two trees. Goodbye, my friends”. Saying this he left the place into an even greater adventure.

18 years later… 
                A light flew across space and it fell onto the Earth. In the place where the waterfall was… it was Sid, he had reached adulthood and had arraived to planet Earth. He met the angel there and begot Tristan who lived near the waterfall for the major part of his life… as a blacksmith! The angel lurked around whereas Sid had left that place and was somewhere in the Earth below.
Present Day
             Tristan, Cross and Karen stood by and watched the Orcs do a great job. They were building a city on their own, no plans, no commands. They kept working round the clock building the city. A swarm of butterflies were flying around. Karen was happy to see the beautiful colors flying around.
         The city was being built at the same site, twice!!... At two different times – the past and the present. The butterflies fluttered around, recording its history. The city of the butterflies, Prontera.
         Cross and Karen had decided to settle down. Tristan had decided to rule over the city. The people were returning, and they had a young king. The knight’s club was formed at a corner of the city to protect it in case they were ever attacked again. The Orcs and the humans lived in peace. The present and past had intertwined into one. All was well.
                                                                                 End Of Season 1